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You are walking along a rough cobblestone street. There is a light breeze running over your skin, cooling you along the way. Behind you, the cobbles continue in a sloping hill and you can see the top of the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista rising over the surrounding rooftops. In front of you is the Capilla del Cristo - Chapel of Christ - showing it's 240 year age, but remaining in good condition. Beyond the chapel, you can see on either side of it, the Bay of San Juan glistening blue in the sun light. An enormous cruise ship passes from right to left, as it prepares to park itself at the nearby dock. To your left is a small museum dedicated to preserving the cultural art of the island, and to your right is a small park echoing with the laughter of school children feeding the hundreds of pigeons that dwell there.

Taking a few steps forward, you approach the short wall that keeps unfortunate victims from falling to their death. You look down and realize this is not actually a short wall as you initially thought, but is in reality the top part of a fifty foot high defensive barricade that went under construction nearly four centuries ago. Looking down around your feet, you notice the cobbles do not quite look the same as the cobbles in the mainland United States do. They are not red brick, but are in fact blue tinted, and cast of iron slag. They were used as ballast on ships crossing from Spain to San Juan, to keep them balanced in the ocean waves. After arriving in port, they were tossed out of the ships and used to construct cobblestone streets. Which particular ship these cobbles arrived on, you do not know. But it doesn't take much imagination to conceive it possible that they arrived in the same boat that carried Juan Ponce de Leon, or possibly even Christopher Columbus.


Success for a work at home business will be realized when you have the work at home business up and running while analyzing for things that actually don't work and should be removed. This move will refine the workload according to things that matter. Successful communication with MLM business prospects is more than just what you say. While training thousands of people in my MLM down line I discovered what prospects respond to positively.

Marketing depends in large part on the type of business you have. Marketing on the internet works for most kinds of work at home business. Market Australia is one of the binary companies. All the business volume accrues to those at the top. Market research can assist you to determine what will make your home based business idea unique. Whether it's just finding out price points or marketing strategies, knowing your competition is a key to running a successful business.

As noted in our last article, the conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time, so by focusing on a powerful, positive statement of intent - i.e your affirmations, you are literally driving away negative thoughts and the impact these have on fostering limiting beliefs. The second reason, as stated above, is that the subconscious cannot tell 'real' from 'imaginary', so by feeding your subconscious on a daily basis, you are helping to re-wire the subconscious and our underlying belief systems.

Recording your affirmations in your own voice to music and playing them back to yourself on a repeated basis just below the threshold of your conscious hearing, sends out powerful subliminal messages to your subconscious and is a technique that has been used to good effect in the sports and athletics world.Draw Strength From A Higher Power. When you can surrender to the knowing that everything happens for a reason and that ultimately that reason will serve you, the struggle stops and life instantly gets easier.

Your belief will soar simply because you know. How you describe and refer to that higher power is totally your choice. Some people will choose to label that higher power 'God', others refer to it simply as the 'Universe' or 'Spirit'. Napoleon Hill used to hold counsel with his imaginary 'mastermind group', drawn from the great minds of leaders both present and past. The underlying idea is the same: all highly successful people have drawn strength from the fact that they are not alone.
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